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It's the summer of 1830, and everyone's alive! Alive, and dealing with a revolution that came within inches of getting them a full republic, only to be stolen by a Royalist coalition at the last moment. Everyone is, to put it minimally, a bit upset, but they're also regrouping and making plans to try again. And hey, maybe in this universe they'll actually win next time!

All of the Amis are returning Milliways patrons, with their own unpredictably-appearing doors, and they all know that they all come here sometimes. If your characters know them in their usual post-barricade situation, contact the individual muns to decide how you want to handle that; if a pup's meeting them for the first time, hi, have some French revolutionaries with weird soul-animals! The Amis will remember what happens with their AU-selves after the week is over.

Within the group, relationships are largely the same, just earlier. Regarding other patrons, they've had time to get used to the fact that non-daemon having universes exist, but anyone without a daemon will obviously be from Not Their Universe, or else a Witch/ supernaturally powered in some way.

As regards HDM canon, the Amis are from an earlier,different country than the ones in Pullman's novels. As such, there are bound to be differences between the characters and the canon regarding theories and world-knowledge. Since these Amis aren't canon-punctured, it's probably best not to bring that up.


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